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All you need to know about TikTok app

Surely, at least once you have heard of Tiktok from friends, TV, or online. In this article, we will explain in detail, everything related to this social network.

Tiktok- teen’s beloved place on social media 

Far and wide, there is talk of a new social network that is particularly popular among the very young; it is TikTok (ex. It is a Chinese social network accessible only via a mobile app, which allows you to share short videos between 15 and 60 seconds with your contacts and which has 800 million active monthly users worldwide.

In a very simple way, once you download the app and register, you enter a large community. At launch, the interface is really similar to that of other modern social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat, so it is difficult to find yourself lost. We find ourselves in front of a stream divided into two tabs, in the first call” For you, “you can see the most popular videos, in the second the videos made by the contacts you follow—all you need to swipe down to switch from one video to the next.

At the bottom of the interface, there are five icons, from left to right:

  • Home” which allows you to reach the stream section described above
  • Discover” that allows you to search through content or profiles
  • +” Which is a button dedicated to content creation
  • Coming soon” where you can find your notifications and messages
  • Mine” where you can find your account.

Now we come to the creation of content, an aspect where the social gives the best of itself:

  • you can create short music clips, synchronizing audio, movements or lip, just choose the music and use the powerful and simple editor
  • you can edit videos with many fun real-time effects
  • video recording can be paused to make particular and original clips
  • Furthermore, you can choose to create a video by pairing two different streams with the “duets” function, so as to duet with a character we like.

In addition to creating content, social allows you to make very short clips that can be sent as comments to other users’ videos; they are called “react “and are a fun way to interact.

How to do live on Tiktok

Getting live on tiktok is really simple, but the option is available only for those who have exceeded 1000 followers, if you have not reached this number, the option does not even appear. So it’s better to buy Tiktok likes from instadean to access this function. In the future, the function may also be extended to those who have fewer followers. A “live” is nothing more than direct streaming, similar to that which can be done on other social networks. During a live, you can respond to comments and have more direct contact with your audience.

With at least 1000 followers on TikTok, you are making a “live” is really simple on both Android and iPhone the procedure is identical, just:

  • Press “+” button at the bottom of the interface, in short, the typical one to create content;
  • then tap on the word “Live” which is next to “Video.”
  • describe in detail what we will deal with live and indicate a title, attention some words are not allowed, if you use them in the description or in the title you will not be allowed to start the live broadcast
  • Finally, when you feel ready, you can start the live by pressing the “Go Live” button after a short countdown you can speak directly to your audience.

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