How to List a Business for Sale in 2020

If you have decided on selling your business then you ought to know how to list it for sale on the market, there are two ways of doing so you can either list it as a private seller or hire a business broker Sydney to get the job done. In simpler terms, if you’re listing a business for sale then you’re putting it onto the market for sale so that potential buyers who are interested can be aware that a business is up for sale. So here are a few tips on getting to list your business for sale:

  • Find the Most Suitable Time to Sell

You must also consider thinking about your exit strategy and plan your exit before the right time passes. You must ensure that your business is in good shape for potential buyers to be interested in purchasing your business and you must also ensure that your books are in order. Then you must also consider the market conditions of whether it is a good time to sell or not, whether selling your business at the time will generate you the maximum profits or not.

  • Get a Professional Financial Evaluation

Before selling your business, you must consider getting a financial evaluation from either the business broker you’ve hired, if you’ve hired one, or by hiring a professional appraiser. This will help you know the worth of your business in the market and help you sell it for the right price. A business broker can help you get an estimated value of your business’s worth; whereas a professional appraiser will help you in getting a value closest to the actual value by compiling the most accurate data.


  • Selling it as a Private Seller:

If you want to sell your business without the help of a business broker then you can do so by listing your business on websites. In this way, you are in a way advertising on the web platform and letting people know about it. This will allow interested buyers to search on these websites and see if they’re interested and willing to purchase it and then contact you. But you have to make sure that the websites you are listing your business on are appearing on the top pages of search engines and have a lot of trafficking. Other common platforms to list your business for sale is on newspapers or magazines which have prominent local publications.

  • Hiring a Business Broker:

You can also sell your business with the help of a business broker as they are qualified and have the accurate know-how related to their field of work and know all the areas to market your business in. Business brokers Sydney help in preparing, organizing all the valid documentation needed, properly listing and marketing your business and advertising for selling your business and qualifying potential buyers. And make arrangements for both the seller and the buyer to meet and negotiate by entering into an official legal agreement on selling and purchasing the business. This will help you to continue to run the business until your broker finds a suitable buyer. Generally, a business broker takes on 10% of the fee earned.


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