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Marketing on Tiktok: How to create a content strategy

Everyone is talking about Tiktok, but how can marketers successfully use this (still) very young platform and create content? We have put together a few tips. The special thing about Tiktok is the many possibilities to edit videos directly on the smartphone. The clips can be shortened and accelerated, and numerous effects and filters can also be installed. Music plays the main role: Users can insert and post current hits with one click in the background of their own video. If you talk to Tiktok influencers, there is always a tip for your own content strategy: producing videos that you like yourself. The influences also buy TikTok likes  with their marketing strategy to increase the visibility of their videos. But that doesn’t really help with your own content plan, so we asked more closely.


How do I find content ideas for Tiktok?

Get inspiration from other accounts

According to the TikTok users, you can get content ideas from the watching of other videos on Tiktok. You can look at what works well and use the video as a template. You can take on the complete idea or adapt the video to my own life. The important thing is to simply try things out and not think too much about how your own video is received, but simply test it.


 Post at least one video daily

According to the international TikTok expert, you can get more followers by sharing genuine content, share blogs regularly about Tiktok on your LinkedIn account, and gives insights into your experience if you are an influencer. We recommend you to publish at least one video on Tiktok every day. This is the only way to find out whether your own ideas reach the target group or not. Don’t hesitate to buy TikTok shares to get more eyes on your videos.



Content campaigns on Tiktok

But how can companies implement concrete campaigns on Tiktok? Here, too, it is worthwhile to look at some successful cases from brands. All the campaigns generated through a challenge follower and interaction with their own brand. A Tiktok challenge is a challenge to the community, for example, to make a video and post it on Tiktok. There are new and popular challenges every week. Regular participation in such challenges generates followers and already gives a rough direction for your own content.


Use a duet video and a composed song

Under the motto “Which Fruits character are you?” Punica called for the #PunicaDance Challenge to dance together with “The Fruits,” i.e., the Punica fruits, on the split-screen as a duet video for the Punica dance. In duet videos, Tiktok users share the screen with others and can react to their content. It is as if there is direct interaction. In Punica’s case, it was the animated Punica fruit that dictated dance steps that users then imitated. The campaign’s result: more than 35,000 users produced videos under the hashtag #PunicaDance and achieved a total of almost 40 million views. The campaign also worked well due to the support of high-reaching Tiktokers and the use of a song composed especially for the campaign, which was used for the videos.


Combine challenges with Tiktok ads

The famous German brand Otto started a small experiment with its Tiktok campaign; the aim was to get users to make their own videos for themselves. The challenge went viral and counted around 59,000 user-generated content pieces within the first six days. The videos created around this campaign now have more than 200 million views. In addition, Otto combined the challenge with a classic ad format on Tiktok to push it further. Similar to Punica, Otto also created his own song for the challenge, which the users could use in their own videos.

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